2250 mAh Premium High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery

2250 mAh Premium High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery
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Brand:Motorola Solutions
Model: NNTN4497CR
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Motorola offers a variety of batteries with different chemistries to meet your specific needs. The Premium Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery, 2250 mAh, is designed to provide reliable power to ensure your radio is fully functioning at all times.

Minimum Rated Capacity (mAH): 2250 mAh
Estimated Operational Time (hours): Low Power - 11 hours, High Power - 9 hours
Chemistry: Li-Ion
Recycling: Recommended
Charger Required: WPLN4138AR, WPLN4161AR
Operating Temperature Range: -10C - +60C
IP Rating: IP54
Warranty: 12 months for non-IMPRES batteries or when IMPRES batteries are used with both an IMPRES and non-IMPRES charger