Choose performance-matched Motorola Original audio accessories to meet your critical communication needs.

Our audio accessories are built and rigorously tested to the same quality standards as Motorola radios. Motorola's IMPRES technology provides optimal audio performance assuring high quality communication.

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Extra Loud Earphone - Beige
Model: 5080369E39
Beige extra loud earphone. NOTE - Extra loud earphone exceeds OSHA Limits. ...
Black Loud Earphone
Model: 5080370E91
This is a black extra loud earphone. ...
Ex Tax: $36.00
Replacement Rubber Eartips
Model: 5080370E97
Replacement standard clear rubber eartips. Pack of 25. For RLN6232A/RLN6241A. ...
Earpiece with In-Line Microphone
Model: 53940
This simple and streamlined earpiece conveniently allows you to communicate without rem...
Earpiece with In-Line Microphone and PTT
Model: 56517
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable accessory allows users to recei...
Ex Tax: $24.00
Earpiece with Boom Microphone
Model: 56518
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable earpiece allows users to receiv...
Ex Tax: $24.00
Replacement Foam Ear Cushion
Model: 7580372E11
This foam ear cushion replaces the cushion on Motorola‚Äôs flexible ear receiver for...
Receive-Only Covered Earbud
Model: AARLN4885B
An earphone jack located on the head of the remote speaker microphone allows the user t...
Ex Tax: $25.00
Single Wire Receive-Only Earpiece
Model: BDN6666
This beige surveillance accessory allows the radio user to privately receive messages a...
Receive-Only Flexible Ear Receiver
Model: BDN6720A
This black, receive-only earpiece contains a flexible earloop and speaker that rests ex...
Ex Tax: $35.00
Extra Loud Receive-Only Earpiece with Standard Earphone
Model: BDN6727
This black surveillance accessory with an extra-loud earpiece (exceeding OHSA standards...
Receive-Only Earpiece with Volume Control and Ear Loop
Model: BDN6728
Receive information privately and at the volume of your choice through this discreet ea...
Black 2-Wire Earpiece with Microphone and PTT
Model: BDN6729A
Surveillance accessories allow the user to receive messages privately through the earpi...
Earpiece with Microphone
Model: BDN6774A
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable accessory allows users to recei...
Pellet-Style Earpiece
Model: BDN6781A
Pellet-style earpieces allow users to receive communication discreetly and are comforta...