VRX1000 Vehicle Radio Extender

VRX1000 Vehicle Radio Extender
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Type:P25 Mobile Radios
Brand:Motorola Solutions
Model: VRX1000

A small and compact solution that is budget friendly, the VRX1000 provides federal agencies, state patrol and public safety first responders the ability to communicate on their portable radios in a mobile-only coverage area. Equipped with cross-band and in-band performance, and available in 700/800 MHz VHF and UHF frequencies, the VRX1000 is compatible with P25 APX 7500, APX6500 and APX4500 mobile radios.

  • Programmable output power: 0.5 - 3 watts
  • Simplex operation.
  • Analog operation standard with P25 software upgrades available.
  • Available in VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz bands.
  • Integrates with remote mount APX4500, APX6500
  • and APX7500 mobile radios.
  • In-Band or Cross-Band configurations.
  • Operates through mobile radio control head.
  • Sold exclusively through Motorola Solutions.